Lähde! introduces art to social and health services!

The joy of success, inclusive experiences and support for welfare and meaningful life – The Lähde! Empowering daily life with art -project is aimed to create operational models that support the utilisation of art in the promotion of wellbeing in social and health services!

The project is collaboration by the Oulunkaari joint authority and KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre and it is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). The objective is to prevent social exclusion and promote wide-ranging wellbeing through arts and culture, particularly among unemployed youths, immigrants, people recovering from psychiatric problems and disabled people.

The operations models are developed in multi-professional cooperation between art and social and health sector specialists, taking into consideration the inclusion of clients and utilising service design methods.

Lähde! Spaces for Wellbeing combines art with nature to create a unified experience that supports wellbeing. The Lähde! park to be built in Suvantola in the municipality of Ii will be used as the model for introducing art and implementing art activities in other public spaces both outside and in. The design of the concept and the realisation of the park involves people

recovering from psychiatric problems, disabled people, social and health professionals and artists, among others. The multi-professional approach and inclusivity will provide new perspectives and know-how to the design process of public spaces.

Lähde! Employment Path combines art with social and health services to create new ways of supporting young people and immigrants at risk of exclusion through dedicated, individual art paths. The operational model being piloted in Utajärvi and Vaala provides new perspectives into personal skills.

Lähde! Social Art Residence utilises the artists’ mobility by bringing professional artists together for close cooperation with social and health units and the communities surrounding them. The message from the participants of the pilot programme carried out in the Startti group home in Ii was clear: “We want more!”

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