Shining, luminous North Ostrobotnia

The light-art roadshow Loistava Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, the name of which translates as SHINING, LUMINOUS NORTH OSTROBOTNIA, was produced by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and took site-specific light art into the villages and towns in this region.

The roadshow consisted of ten different works in ten different towns. In each town, the work included two separate parts. The first part was a set of lanterns which formed a spot of light outdoors in the terrain. The second part consisted of lights on a building so that a pre-selected, significant part of the construction was brought out through the lights and video art. The two parts were on different locales but close to each other. The art was implemented by curator Jukka Huitila, light artist Ainu Palmu, visual artist Heidi Kesti and light technician Tuomas Turpeenoja.

In Ii, the light art found its place in the park adjacent to the church: the lanterns were located in the park and the light was directed at a building on the street Valtarintie in the town centre. The lanterns depicted a part of an old necklace found during an excavation at Iin Hamina, forming an ellipse of light. The windows of the building at Valtarintie reflected a video of ocean waves, and the façade and entryway were lit with constantly changing works of light art.