New Ii news

During summer 2017, Touko Hujanen implemented a community-based art newspaper titled Uuden Iin Sanomat, the name of which translates as NEW II NEWS, which was published at the Valto Pernu Photo Marathon gala in August.

Hujanen moved into KulttuuriKauppila for June and used the facilities for his editorial office. Hujanen made good use of the newspaper’s bicycle, riding on it in all parts of Ii hoping for random encounters.

The mission of Uuden Iin Sanomat was the renaissance of pictorial reportage. “I wish to celebrate the tradition of the reportage and the tradition of newspaper photography. I wish to reinstate personal presence and footwork back into the core of the making of the reportage. My role is, simply, to go somewhere and see what there is, and this time, it is Ii there”, says Hujanen.

The newspaper Uuden Iin Sanomat is part of Hujanen´s art newspaper Uuden Maan Sanomat, which he started in 2014. This work of art is being formed of the results of random reportage tours in different parts of Finland. In 2014, Hujanen walked around his hometown and its vicinity in the Uusimaa area for four months. In 2015, he drove around Finland visiting a range of events, including the Nokia shareholders meeting and the Javelin Carnival at Pihtipudas. In summer 2016, Hujanen prepared a series of photographs about the street Helsinginkatu as his contribution to Helsinki Festival.