Lähde! Taiteesta voimaa arkeen 2017–20 (ESF-funded)

The purpose of this empowering project, the name of which translates as EMPOWERING DAILY LIFE WITH ART, is the prevention of marginalisation and the extensive promotion of wellbeing through the means of arts particularly among unemployed young people, immigrants and special groups.

Arts-based methods are applied to improve the community feeling and participation of young people, immigrants, special groups and other residents in this municipality, and also to foster their mental and social wellbeing. The measures promote the participants’ possibilities of finding their way to working life. At the same time, the project facilitates the discovery of new types of cooperation between municipal cultural services and social and health services.

The project develops permanent operative models and platforms to apply methods of art to increase the target groups’ wellbeing and active participation; the aim is also to support and strengthen the meaningfulness of the everyday lives of these groups, expanding the social participation of those who encounter discrimination and deprivation. The project is a joint project by Oulunkaari Joint Authority and KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre.