Lähde! Empowering daily life with art 2017–2020 (ESF)

The project aimed to promote wellbeing through methods of art and the prevention of social exclusion especially among young people, immigrants and other special groups.

The project offered new perspectives to the use of art as a tool of wellbeing and added utilization and accessibility of arts. Through using art based methods the sense of community, empowerment and participation of young people, immigrants and other special groups as well as citizens can be increased. Key value of the project was social, economical, cultural and ecological sustainability. New operating models were created to increase wellbeing and social participation, and to provide tools for daily life.

The project was administrated by Oulunkaari joint authority and Ii municipality. The main collaborator of the project was KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre. The project took place in Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland.

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